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The First Triathlon Online Challenge in the Philippines


The TRI250-Online is an online event created by that challenges a participant to Swim 5km Cycle 200km and Run 45km within 10 days. This is done through Strava application and will require GPS connectivity through your smart phone gadgets or any Strava compatible devices.

TRI250-Online is the 4th part of the online multisport challenges which started with a run, followed by a cycle and this time, a combination of both sport disciplines plus swim. It is designed to build an innovative way of growing the online multisport community that complements each participant’s individual fitness objectives. monitors your progress, lets you stay inspired by seeing club members all around the globe work every kilometers made on your own personal time and course preference.

In this first and only Triathlon online challenge in the Philippines, the addition of the swimming discipline is new in its own respect. In order to monitor consistently, swim leg will also require GPS connectivity. Therefore, swimming outdoors must be done with the use of a compatible strava watch/device.

Relay categories is offered for 2 or up to 3 members as long as your team completed the required distance. Winners will be declared 2 days after the end of challenge and Medals and finishers shirt are to be sent to courier 2 weeks thereafter. Event Manual and FAQs will be sent through email of each registered participants/club members.


Steps in joining:

1. Register a free or premium account on strava through
2. Register to TRI250-Online at and send us deposit slip or paypal confirmation email to complete registration process. You will receive an email confirmation from us within 3 working days.
• Individual – Php 900.00
• Duo – 1,800.00 (2 people to do the challenge to meet the total KM distance in no particular distance sharing requirement)
• Trio – Php 2,700.00 (3 people to do the challenge to meet the total KM distance in no particular distance sharing requirement)
3. Download the STRAVA app for your iOS or Android Device.
4. On Strava, Go to club, search TRI250-Online club then tick “request to join” icon. We will accept your request to join within 3 working days.
5. Start logging your activities on STRAVA.

As technology continue to improve immeasurably, goes online in bringing you an event that goes globally in terms of reach but lets you perform on your own will, place and time. Through Strava, we have created this online running/cycling-community that gives you a goal and rewards one with a medal and a finisher shirt. This enables you to run and cycle with other people from any part of the world.

Seeing your club-mates running and cycling details such as place, map, time of the day, pace, chosen pictures uploaded is shared through your smart phones/computers.

The TRI250-Online is part of the progressive online challenges that is offering. The following are:
R150K-30D – Run 150km in 30 days – Completed
C600K-40D – Cycle 600km in 40 days – Completed
RC750K-50D – Run 150km and Cycle 600km in 50 days (10.2.17-11.20.17) – Ongoing
TRI250-Online – Swim 5km, Cycle 200km, Run 50km in 10 days (12.4.17-12.13.17)


TRI250-Online FAQs

Click here for TRI250-Online FAQs.

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