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Peaking on Race Day

2 week before race day check-up: Peaking on Race Day

Peak period is a critical time which starts two to three weeks before a race. Two mistakes often made in this period are: (1) training too hard and (2) rest too much and don’t train hard enough.

Starting two to three weeks before the race do a race-intensity workout which simulates the conditions of the race every third or fourth day. These workouts gradually get shorter as you progress through the first or two weeks of the Peak period. With the workouts getting shorter the weekly volume is also dropping. Something such as a 30% to 50% drop each week is about right. The intensity for these workouts should be at least heart rate zone 3 or tempo power or “moderately hard.” Such intensity is the key to maintaining fitness. The two or three days between these race simulations are the key to reducing fatigue and elevating form. They should be low intensity, low duration workouts that also get shorter as the Peak period progresses. So what you are doing is mixing the two key elements – intensity and rest – to produce race readiness at the right time.

This article was written by USA triathlon and USA cycling certified elite-level coach Joel Friel in his blog. Click the link to read more about peaking on race day:

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