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Trisports Solutions, Inc.

We are Trisports Solutions, Inc., and we, the members, share a common sport discipline during our university years – swimming. The team is comprised of five young at heart professionals with proven experiences in events and multisport organization and business management.
With a holistic approach in multisport organizing and management, Trisports Solutions Inc. strives to be Metro Manila’s premier provider of leisure and recreation programs for various niche markets. It shall be known as the pioneer influencing group in uniting the multisport community and establishing a sport/event school that will grow sport tourism in the country.

Our Vision

We envision Trisports Solutions Inc. to be:
The preferred race/event organizers group in initiating events in new locations.
An established school of race/event organizations that will grow and uplift sporting events in Luzon and the Philippines.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, the company is committed to the following:

  1. Create sporting events that will cater to the growing multi-sport advocates in the Philippines.
  2. Create an exceptional and safe race/event experiences to our local and non-local athletes that will complement participants’ fitness or professional goals.
  3. Further grow multi-sport events through the discovery of new promising venues within and outside Metro manila in an aim to grow sports tourism in the country
  4. To provide learning experiences to local communities with the help of LGUs and provinces in creating race/event organizations thereby growing multi-sport community.

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