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Top 10 Tri Workouts

These workouts are designed for individuals who have at least 1-2 years of weightlifting and athletic experience, as some of the exercises are complex. Before you jump into this plan, ensure you’re cleared by your doctor to participate in physical activity and have read and agree to this wavier. Also if you are unsure how to perform any exercise you can find a demonstration HERE.

  1. “Swing Time” STRENGTH (good at home workout)
    Complete the following sequence of exercises as a circuit 5x through, with minimal rest between exercises.

    • 10 Pull-ups (recommend Onnit Pull-up Bar)
    • 20 Kettlebell swings (recommend Onnit Kettlebells)
    • 30 Sit-ups
    • 40 Squats
    • Cooldown with some light cardio and stretching.
  2. “A Little Bit of Everything” SWIM
    • 300 warm-up
    • 4×75 drill (do a different drill each 75)
    • 6×50 pull (breathing every fifth stroke)
    • 3×100 swim (descend time 1–3)
    • 300 cool-down
  3. “Focus Technique” SWIM
    • 300 warm-up
    • Drill Set: 10×50 at a moderate pace, with a focus on one technique for each of the sets. 15 seconds recovery after each 25.
      • Set 1: Focus on head position, looking and down.
      • Set 2: Focus on a high elbow pull as you finish each stroke.
      • Set 3: Focus on extending your hand and arm as far as you can above the water. The longer you extend, the better you will rotate.
      • Set 4: Focus on catching the water with a tone (not loose but not too rigid) wrist. Keep wrist tone with fingertips pointing to bottom of pool for entire catch phase.
    • Main Set: 6×100 fast with 20 sec rest. Only go as fast as you can hold good form.
    • Main Set: 6×100 fast with 20 sec rest. Only go as fast as you can hold good form.
  4. “Fast 100s” SWIM
    • 500 warm-up.
    • 10×100. 1st 100m is at a normal steady pace. Each subsequent 100, the goal is to shave 1-2 seconds, until 10th 100 is at maximum sustainable pace. 30sec recovery after each 100.
    • 500 cool-down.
  5. “Force and skills” BIKE
    Warm-up 15 minutes including 4×30 quick sprints. Then proceed to 2min of hard climbing at a low cadence (50-60rpm), this needs to be hard. Then for 2min, pedal at a high cadence (90-100rpm). Try to keep your effort steady the entire workout. Heart rate shouldn’t drop below Z3. Recover for 2min then repeat 5 times. Cool down for 15 minutes.Cooldown with some light cardio and stretching.
  6. “Monster Indoor Session” BIKE
    Warm-up 15 minutes, including 4×30 quick sprints. Then proceed to a 10 interval: first 5min hard (Z3 heart rate), then the last 5min harder (Z4 heart rate). Recover with 5min of fast pedaling for 10min then repeat the first interval one more time. Cool down 10 minutes
  7. “High Cadence” BIKE
    Ride for 45-90 minutes (choose longer time for Half-Iron to Iron distance training) at a cadence of 90-100RPM, no slower. Use a gear that has you breathing deeply for the ride, but without the legs burning so much that cadence slows. If you cannot maintain the RPM for the full time, split this into 10min high RPM efforts separated by 1-2 minute recovery periods.
  8. “Mile Repeats” RUN
    Warm-up 10-15min including 4x30sec pick-ups at fast pace. Then proceed to your mile repeats. Run at 10-20sec min/mile below your race pace goal. Do 3-6 mile repeats (more repeats for half-ironman or ironman distance) with 5min jog recovery in between. If your splits are not consistent and you slow down throughout the workout, you are running too fast. Start conservatively and build into each repeat.
  9. “Hurricane” RUN
    Warm-up with 10-15 minutes easy running, then run 10×30 seconds at maximum pace, all out sprint. After each sprint, get off the treadmill and do 10 pushups, 10 mountain climbers, and 10 bicycle crunches, then get right back on the treadmill and do another sprint. Cool-down with another 10-15 minutes of easy running with a focus on high cadence and good form.
  10. “Time saving tempo treadmill” RUN
    Warm-up 5-10 minutes, then complete 3-4x6min efforts at tempo pace (approximately a 10K effort, or about 2-3mph faster than your aerobic run pace). Put incline at 1.0 for the first 6min effort, 2.0 for second effort, 3.0 for third effort, etc. 1min easy recovery jog between each effort. Cool-down with 5-10min of easy running.

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