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Triathlon 2.0 (18)


The year 2017 has been remarkable in terms of growth on the number of Triathlon events and
its enthusiasts. Transformation in a TRI-dimensional aspect of the multisporting world in the
country has been evident.

The first dimension refers to the burgeoning multisport athletes. Now a days, the increase of
adults swimming early in the morning or evening as part of the regular trend can be observed in
many public and private pools. It is also evident that we now see more people on the roads
whether cycling or running. In fact, one should not be surprised of being stuck as early as 4:30
AM due to a road closure giving way to a fun run event. A number roads-transformed to a
cycling courses in the metro had to be regulated to blend in cyclists from the usual flow of
people’s daily lives on the streets. The growth in number of athletes led to the need of the
second dimension.

The second dimension refers to the support-group on how an athlete thrive reaching one’s
goal. This includes training facilities, equipment, training and sports rehabilitation programs.
New brands of performance equipment are now in-market from swimming brands, cycling to
running. Many of our coaches have had Triathlon Certification Coaching courses. More so,
efficient coaching is now possible through the available gadgets that produce not only videos
but data needed for well guided analysis and training designs. Performance oriented training
gyms are also now built to cater to multisport athletes 24 hours a day, an idea that is
unimaginable just few years back.

The last dimension is the “playing field” where these athletes’ progress are tested and celebrated. These
are events, physical ones and online or virtual as well. More events are created on new and different
locations and even online/virtual. Improvements on race events continuous and as athletes become –
more sophisticated, their participation-motivation shifts. To many, race officiating has become a
primary consideration more than its fees. To others, time and proximity matter most and these all has to
be considered. This resulted to more “playing fields” and an upward increase on online races in the last
quarter of 2017.

All the above TRI-dimensions of the sport, which I consider the foundation of a successfully growing
sport-community, are what we, in Trisports live by. This coming 2018, we will serve as a catalyst in
bridging these dimensions together. We will work closer with the athletes and partner with the
support-group and serve as a tool to realizing what one truly needs. Expect great international caliber
events in 2018, may it be through our Physical events or our innovative online races.

To a one TRI-dimensional growth and innovative creations this 2018!

Mikey Chua

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