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Let the Biathle Commence!

Historically, Biathle or the modern Biathlon is a sub-sport of modern pentathlon invented to create opportunities for training the run and swim parts of pentathlon in real race conditions.

On the 9th of September, the Philippine Biathlefield will once again be set in Cavite, where it will be waiting for its hopeful conquerors. Biathle is a sprint aquathlon distances of 1.5KM run-200m swim- 1.5KM run and 750m run -100m swim-750m runs.

This year will be more intense than ever, as we set the Biathlefield on fire with a new category, IGNITE! Deviating from the run-swim-run format of Biathle, IGNITE will be a 3-round, open category, arena style race, with a base distance of 200m swim-4KM bike-2KM run, built to test the triathlete’s skill and endurance. With a mass start composed of a maximum of 80 participants aged 12 and above, half of them female and the other half, male, our athletes not only be racing with each other, but also with the clock. The cut off time per round for the female division will be after 34 minutes and 31 minutes for the male. Anyone who can’t make it in time is automatically eliminated.

For the second round, only the top 15 of both divisions will start the course again, with athletes vying to secure the 10 slots for the next and final round, where only the top 3 of each division will rise triumphant. However, all our finishers will receive medals according to all the rounds they finish, regardless of placing.

Are you up for the challenge? Think you have what it takes to bear the Ignite champion title? Register now at
Hurry, slots are limited!


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