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Get ‘Bike On Track’ ONLINE!

Cycling and the Internet: EXCITING Challenge!

by Star Cinema Admin

With the story of the latest teleserye of “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin” focusing on triathlon, there we see a growing trend and followers getting into this sport. With this, a group of multisport enthusiasts is introducing a fun and innovative way of having a healthy lifestyle that involved sports and technology.

First Online Cycling Challenge in the Philippines

At this day and age where everything can be done online, a breakthrough in sports is about to unfold in June. C600K-40D is the first online cycling challenge in the Philippines, where participants are to complete 600 km of cycling in 40 days. What’s exciting about this challenge is that cyclists, both hardcore and hobbyists, can join anywhere they are and at their convenient time. It’s like cycling at your favorite place at your own pace!

How does it work? Interested participants can join by registering at Upon registration, participants are to download an app that they will use to track and monitor their covered distances on their bikes from June 5 – July 14, 2017 with their smart phones and smart watches. Upon completion, participants will be receiving finisher medals, limited edition finisher shirts and certificate of completion of the challenge.

“With the company’s thrust of building the Filipino multisport community one race at a time, it helps build camaraderie and strengthen relationships among the participants, because they can opt to do the sport with their family members and friends, not just with their teammates,” says Mikey Chua, president of TSI. “We’re excited to bring this challenge to the Philippine market, as we see the inevitable growth in the multisport industry. The times and needs are changing, and for us, we want to adapt by coming up with these innovations,” says Carlo Sampan, one of the managing partners of TrisportsSolutions Inc. Timmy Chua, also one of the partners with a prominent name in Philippine swimming, sees the online race as a way to encourage and discover young and upcoming athletes in the Philippines and says.

Time to Get ‘Bike on Track’

While many see that biking to work as an alternative mode of transportation is quite impossible due to the traffic and urban setting in the metro, there are those who manage to make it part of their lifestyle for different reasons.

“I love biking because it saves gas and travel time, and even cuts budget like for parking fees. More than that, it promotes an active lifestyle, too,” shares Jenny Rose Guerrero, triathlon coach and elite triathlon champion. “For me, biking is bonding time for my family. It’s one of the activities that everyone in the family look forward to, because we get to spend time together outdoors,” Guerrero adds.

Work, business and even dreams sometimes puts our health and fitness to the backseat. But with the old saying ‘health is wealth,’ we all should find balance. Speaking of balance, getting up on our feet and pedalling our bikes is one of the effective and fun ways to have a healthy lifestyle. Some health benefits of engaging into this sport includes decrease in stress levels, decrease in body fat levels, improvement in posture and coordination, increase in cardiovascular fitness and improved in joint mobility. Biking within the city or through trails of forests and nature, it lets you explore areas that help ease your mind as you feel one with nature. For others, they feel a sense of freedom when they are on their bikes, while for others, it’s just for the dun of it. What’s good also about cycling is that it knows no age, and that is that something that you can do for the rest of your life.

Numerous apps also help in tracking and monitoring our fitness routine. One of these is Strava, the app to use for the C600-40D cycling challenge. It helps you keep track of your performance in your sport, and at the same time, it adds a social aspect into it, making cycling a fun activity, even online.

Registration for the online challenge is up to May 31, 2017. For more details, visit Trisports Solutions Inc.’s Facebook or Instagram accounts.

This story was first published here: Get ‘Bike On Track’ ONLINE

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