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Online Races FAQs

1. How do I register?
You may register thru You will also need a STRAVA account. This will be used to track your progress and be used to check the results of the race or challenge.

2. Do I need a Strava premium account?
No, using free account will do.

3. Do I need to download the Strava app?
It depends, if you do not have any GPS device compatible with Strava, then you may have the app on your iOS or Android device, to track and record your activities.

4. How can I use Strava to record my outdoor GPS-enabled recorded activities?
You may log GPS and outdoor activities by:
     a. Using the Strava app, you can automatically upload your activity workout/race by just recording your activity and saving it after each workout.
     b. Using a GPS device compatible with Strava, just connect/sync your device to your computer, and upload it to your Strava account, automatically (Photo of your cycling track/map should be seen).
     c. Using Strava non-compatible devices, click Upload and Manual entry, input your activity details such as the distance completed, hours spent and other details and save. After saving, click edit icon then upload proof of your activity. Proof of activity may be a picture/print-screen of your device/watch/phone with distance and running time spent. Afterwhich, please make sure input time of start and finish specially on the last activity that completes the challenge. e.g. Start 6:22 AM; End 7:06 AM.

5. Can I record my indoor activities as well?
Yes. You may also log your indoor activities by:
     a. Using a virtual app/program that is compatible with Strava, just simply sync your activity to your Strava and data, photo of your workout program or virtual map will automatically appear.
     b. Using other app/program that is not compatible to Strava, you may upload it manually by following 4.c.

6. I only have my speedometer that records my time and distance completed, can I still record this?
Yes. Follow 4.c to record this activity.

7. I do not use any device to record my mileage, how do I still join this challenge?
You may use google maps to measure your distance and take a photo of this. Use this photo as proof for uploading while following 4.c.

8. On Strava account, can we log our activity manually?
Yes, you may manually input distance, time, elevation and other details and save your entry. After saving it, tick icon edit activity and upload proof of your activity.

9. I don’t live in the Philippines, can I still join?
Yes, of course! As long as you have a Strava account, to record your activities, you are welcome to join.

10. Will the shipment/delivery of finisher shirts be free?
Shipment/deliver within the Philippines is FREE, but for other countries, it will depend on the delivery address. You may advise us your preferred courier and their quotation so we can coordinate accordingly.

11. What if someone uses the Strava app on a motorized bike/car/skateboard/etc.
Onlineraces is about joining this new and fun way to enjoy the benefits of cycling /running. We have re-positioned this challenge to build a community who believes in the challenge and TRULY enjoy cycling. We stay optimistic that all our finishers TRULY deserve what are due to them. All club members, by joining this club accept this limitation and we believe that each member of this club is self-respecting.

12. Can I still join even if the race has started?
Yes as long as you complete your registration within the registration period. End of registration is usually within a few days after the start of the race/challenge.

13. Can I use other app aside from Strava?
Yes you may use other app as a tool to record your distance, time and other activity details but you will still have to use Strava app/or account for us to record your activities. We will only record activities through your strava account.

14. Refund Policy
There will be no refund once a participant has signed up.

15. When can I expect to receive my finisher shirt?
Your finisher shirts and medals will be sent to the courier/delivery service provider after 15 working days from the release of the official challenge/race results. Exact delivery to your place may vary due to location and possible delay on the courier’s shipment process.

16. Can I replace size of my ordered shirt?
No. Ordered supply is based on your registration details.

17. Can I stop or maybe have lunch first while completing the race?
Yes, as long as you have enough battery on your gadgets.

18. We joined the Duo or Trio category, should the distance be equally divided as well?
No. As long as the team’s accumulated distance reaches the goal within the specified date, you will all be considered finishers.

19. If I join the race, then I got into any untoward incident, would the organizers’ be held accountable?
No. This is an online race and each participant should be responsible for their own safety. Athletes must have prepared properly, ensures that the course one chooses is safe with hydration areas or stores one can buy from along the way. Participants are also asked to read, understand and accept waiver and release clause by progressing and completing the registration process.

20. I am using 2 different devices and it showed different distance therefore times as well, which one should I sync?
Any 1 of the 2 activities is acceptable. This may happen due to some technical specifications of your device.

21. Can I file a protest if I have proof that someone cheated?
This is not a race and no winner medals to be awarded. However, we will keep a record starting from the fastest to the next. We believe all are here for a deeper purpose than just seeing their names on top. However, please do let us know through private messaging if any suspected case arises.

22. I know that this is not a race, but how will you determine the top finisher at the end of the race? Will it be based on the most number of kilometers completed?
No, this is not a race but we rank your performances based on the day and hour one completes the total required distance from the start of the event. In short, imagine that the race clock starts on 00:00:01 hours day 1 of challenge and will end it once required distance is completed.

For other questions regarding Strava, please visit their website

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